• http://jehasnail.blogspot.com/ Jeha

    So what?

    They smoke pot. We smoke tyres.

  • Roch

    and we kidnap their kind!

  • http://www.lebanonesque.blogspot.com/ JoseyWales

    And what part of when you are on a powder keg you should ban all demos, doesn’t this pathetic gvmnt understand?
    Why wait for more dead and destruction?

    Demos are for those with no voice in the institutions. All these morons have someone in parliament, besides te fact that a state of emergency is long long long overdue.

  • ghassan

    I don’t understand the stupid people who are destroying their own property and following the orders of the mafia regime in Syria and the mullahs regime in Iran!

  • http://solomon2.blogspot.com Solomon2

    I don’t understand the stupid people who are destroying their own property

    Henry Kissinger tells a story of going hunting with Soviet leader Brezhnev at his Party retreat near Moscow: various pigs were released by foresters for Soviet leaders to shoot at. Brezhnev ignored the young and tender pigs who scampered about everywhere. He kept his attention focused on a large, older, pig in the background, a creature who cautiously moved from tree to tree. When this pig looked upon its fellows and decided everything was O.K. it stepped into the open and Brezhnev dispatched it with a single shot.

    The not-too-bright-but-open-hearted Brezhnev got his start in the Communist Party as one of Stalin’s murderous enforcers in the Ukraine. Did he hunt people the same way he hunted pigs? The hunting incident shook Kissinger to his very core, and he concluded that looking for “understanding” or “logic” from predators is one of the dangers of of over-intellectualism.

  • http://www.omernos.com/blog omar

    I think someone forgot to get the banners, so they decided to set things on fire.

  • anon

    This is the fault of people like Mustapha. he instigates trouble.

  • anonymous

    Hey Mustapha, you filthy Israeli agent. I hope you’re happy now. The country is in civil war.
    Ugly ape looking animal.

  • Amir in Tel Aviv

    There’s nothing peaceful regarding Alla, and/or his hizb.

  • Fester

    This is the other half of the people not satisfied and not represented in the government. If a mass rally happens in a so called “liberal and democratic” country, officials resign, and new governments are formed.

    But in this and other similar countries, when you get to the chair, be it a president, a prime minister, or any, you hang on tight and don’t let go. You come up with conspiracy theories and “traitorize” your opponent, brainwash your “followers”, and take a trip on the night of the demonstration to come back a couple of days later and say “what happened here?”

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  • Rose

    That’s how uncivilzed people act. I don’t want to be polite anymore. I’m sick of their abusive behavior. Besides, as soon as they notice that a camera is filming them, they start laughing and running over the burnt tires, very happy of themselves.. Akid, because it’s probably the only thing they’ll ever do correctly in their entire life! How can they dammage their own country????? And after that, they claim that “they have patriotic feelings”… Yea, right,and I’m the queen the England…
    I’m so angry that i can’t even type anymore.

  • Rose

    the queen OF** England

  • http://thebadvilbel.blogspot.com Bad Vilbel

    “This is the other half of the people not satisfied and not represented in the government.”

    Actually, these thugs were represented in government and walked out.
    They are also represented in parliament and refuse to allow for civilized debate in said parliament.

    So no. That’s not the problem at all.

    This is pure thuggery, committed by barbaric uncivilized people who have decided ahead of time that they’d rather use force to accomplish their goals than to try and use dialogue.

    There is no reasoning with people who don’t even understand the word “dialogue”.

    I am sick and tired of their excuses, and their trying to portray themselves as the victims.

    I’ll tell you who the victims are here: The victims are the people who’s cars are being burned, who’s windows are being smashed. The people who are stuck at the airport. The people who lost their jobs in downtown.

    Enough with the victimization of those who commit crimes. I got news for you: When you burn private property, you’re not the victim. When you attack people, you’re not the victim. As I said before, this is like the rapist who goes “She was asking for it, wearing that short skirt. It’s all her fault.”

    You people need to stop sympathizing with thugs and criminals. That’s all they are. They are certainly NOT victims.

  • Hele

    But what about the suffering of the Palestinians?

  • Da’ud

    Oh, this is very surprising.

    The violent Hizbollah can’t attack Israel because their afraid of similar consequences to last time, but their supporters just HAVE to get their periodic blood bath, so this is what happens.

    Seriously, they’re nothing but trouble and their holding Lebanon back while the rest of the world progresses and develops.

    Damn prehistoric morons.