An Arab League With Teeth?

Should the Arab League of nations be able to punish its misbehaving members ?

Spot the troublemaker. (Photo: Alhayat)

Yesterday, the Saudi Foreign Minister came up with an interesting idea: Arab league members who ignore the League’s decisions should be punished.

Of course, the Saudi diplomat in chief was not trying to propose revolutionary reforms that would create a stronger, more respectable Arab league. He was just upset with Syria and wanted to find a way to punish it for not allowing Lebanon to elect a President. But don’t worry, expect the idea to die soon.

Still, Mr. Faysal was up to something. Regulations, and more importantly their enforcement, are the cornerstone of any self-respecting polity that wishes to establish authority and consequently, influence. Imagine an Arab league that can come up with chapter-7 decisions where the erring member can risk a full Arab economic boycott. How awesome would that be?

But then again, who are we kidding? Arabs just don’t do rule of law. But who knows? Miracles have happened before and perhaps the Iranian threat can finally get them together to take this bitter pill..

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  • TAC

    “imagine an arab league that can come with chapter 7 decisions.”

    Please no. What a nightmare that would be.

    Sure the Syria decision might help Lebanon but the idea of a bunch of dictators issuing binding resolutions that all Arab countries including Lebanon have to abide by, argh that sends cold chills along my spine.

  • Solomon2

    Arabs just don’t do rule of law.

    Don’t be unnecessarily insulting. Arabs “do rule of law” in states like the U.S. It’s where “rule of law” becomes “rule by law” that things break down – and who can then blame Arabs for seeking refuge in their families instead?

  • Ado

    As far as i’m concerned.Fayssal can kiss my ass.Who are Saudis to talk about democracy,and freedom,before preaching others let them begin with their own country.
    I just wonder where were the Saudis when Syria was occupiying Lebanon for 3o years,with the blessing of their Americain masters.
    God how discusting are arabs,and how ugly and nauseating id Fayssal.

  • Dental Fontana

    I agree with Ado. Before they can talk about other nations’ criticisms, they should have to look at their own and deal with it. Although opinions are always welcome, they should think about diplomacy. On the other hand, what I can remember with Arab’s rule of law, is that they follow their Holy Qur’an.