Who Killed Captain Wissam Eid?

Author note (November 2010): The post below, written in 2008, argued that the killing of Captain Wissam Eid was targeting the International tribunal. Today, we’re learning more about the matter. Click here for the latest on Captain Eid’s role in the international tribunal and why he was probably killed”


All the Lebanese should once and for all accept the fact that the assassinations have one target: The International Tribunal.

It is heart breaking when the Lebanese disagree among themselves when assassinations like today’s take place.

They must understand that such explosions don’t happen because there is a political vacuum that needs to be filled and they don’t happen because the Seniora government is negligent with the Lebanese people’s security. They don’t happen because “Alqaeda” is attacking some vague American interests in Lebanon and they don’t happen because the Israelis want to weaken Hezbollah.

Just look at today’s target. Captain Wissam Eid was responsible for a security branch that analyzes sensitive data (phone calls..etc) that will be very useful evidence in the international tribunal. The tribunal that was set up to find and try the killers of Lebanese martyrs like Pierre Gemayel, Gebran Tueni, Samir Kassir and Rafic Hariri.

The most insulting analysis one can come across is that Alqaeda is doing it. Those bearded idiots are definitely not the ones who read in today’s newspaper that progress is being made in the international Tribunal, and then decided to eliminate an obscure key official in charge of sensitive data as a warning.

We should all know better and for once get it.

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  • Ado

    Mousse i think it’s the most stupid post you ever posted……you sound like Mc Cain saying to those stupid americains in his campaign”we’re gonna get Bin Laden wherever he is hiding”….
    “Captain Wissam Eid was responsible for a security branch that analyzes sensitive data (phone calls..etc) that will be very useful evidence in the international tribunal”…well what you said here might be logical but do you think the foreign investigators are just counting on some Lebanese biased officers to give them informations….it would be so stupid of them….

    “Those bearded idiots are definitely not the ones who read in today’s newspaper that progress is being made in the international Tribunal, and then decided to eliminate an obscure key official in charge of sensitive data as a warning.”
    Do you really think the quaeda dudes are just bearded idiots?????well it’s idiot of you to think that….if they where that idiot who don t follow the minutes of every detail of the daily politics,how come they planed september 11 without the highest rated intelligence system could stop them….how could they keep on all that long period in Nahr El Bared fights….how could they plan the Ain Alak bombings??????this could go on and on and on…….
    “All the Lebanese should once and for all accept the fact that the assassinations have one target: The International Tribunal.”
    well that’s weak of you to Mousse,Wissam Eid was the rsponsible of the fights against fate7 el islam in mitein street….is it a pure coincidence that the two officers killed lately are related to the Fate7 el isalm fights??

  • LebanesePatriot

    Excellent post Mus….

  • GK

    You are absoultely right, the target is the international tribunal!!! I am not surprised that the opposition are laughing because they are safe and the Syrian regime is killing the pro-government. And the opposition don’t want the tribunal anyway!!!

  • ali

    so, according toyour theory, by killing this guy the perpetrators ensure that he doesnt make it to the stand in the Hariri tribunal. He is the lone state employee, sitting in a dark office with headphones on eavesdropping on sensitive phone calls and intercepting secret messages. and he had all that committed to memory, no paper trail or filings whatsoever, and by getting rid of him , those who would like to make sure his testimony or any evidence he has gathered never sees the light of day. a modern day sherlock holmes you are. frickin’ brilliant. while you are at it, maybe you could shed some light on the kennedy assassination. it has divided americans for almost half a century. we need a seasoned and insightful investigator to tell us what really happened.

  • ramzi M


    i wish you used your brains as much you use to browse and write on the internet

    of course he is not the only one. but because he is not the only one, this is a powerful information to his colleagues:

    You will be killed as well if you sideline against us. Anyone who works against us or for the tribunal will be killed.

  • LebanesePatriot

    Ado and Ali and Co.

    Who are you defending?

    Every single time a Lebanese guy got assassinated, we have bozzos like you defending the criminals in Syria and their dogs in Lebanon.

    No one made a relation between Fath El Islam and Al Qaeda other than Al Manar and company…
    Do not use that as a fact. The fact is Absi was released miraculously by the Syrians and then he got weapons and training in a Syrian camp in Lebanon! But with respect to ignorants like you, he is on Hariri payroll because Al Manar said so.

    The question remains: Who are you defending? The Lebanese victims? OR the Syrians? (FYI they are not at the same side!)

  • Bronx-man

    I see a bigger picture, the goal being a totally destabilized Lebanon. Then Hezbollah (and Syria/Iran) can come riding in on a white horse to save the day and return the poor country to an era of “stability”. Kind of like the drug dealer offering you a happy world of dreams and joy, if you just let him.

  • anthemboy

    this is so frustrating. yet another assassination in lebanon and the lebanese are doing nothing about it…again. i started reading this blog long ago and since then many things have happened in lebanon that have and still confuse me. when the hez-israel fighting started everyone blamed israel, never syria/iran, when all those people have been assassinated, never syria/iran. it seems that no one ever gets to standing up against syria and iran and people just keep getting killed. i had such hope for lebanon to move forward and be a shining light in the arab world, but i dont know if it will happen. people will keep getting killed and no one will do anything about it. come on lebanon! stand up! take back your country! lebanon isnt run by lebanese, its run by hezbollah/syria/iran. is that what you want? where is the cedar revolution? its like you think all syrian troops actually left the country and you put away the revolution. obviously they are still there and the revolution is still needed till hezbollah/syria/iran is gone for good.

  • Sami

    We should start by disarming all the palestinians in Lebanon… They’re ticking time bombs! They can be used by any faction to stir trouble and incite violence.
    How can we be safe when there are sections of the country that we can’t access!

  • Karl S

    I hate to sound like a broken record: not a single Lebanese assassination has been solved since 1976. Just another day in lebanon.

  • MM

    From wikipidia on the definition of incitement: In English criminal law, incitement is an anticipatory common law offense and is the act of persuading, encouraging, instigating, pressuring, or threatening so as to cause another to commit a crime.
    Am I the only one here who thinks we should indict Hassan Nasrallah for incitement. Not long ago this government was “Olmert’s government” and it’s agents (read here ISF)were looking for the holly Said’s whereabouts during the last summer war. This theme has been reinforced, in one way or another, in every speech Nasrallah gave and in every “news” segment on Almanar. If he does not share criminal responsibility, he, as well as Aoun, share moral responsibility for this. This is sickening.

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  • bilal

    moussa u are a stupid asshole…

  • http://solomon2.blogspot.com Solomon2

    It’s a terrible tragedy for Lebanon, yet I wonder if this latest bombing doesn’t offer its own clues. The U.N. suspects (and everyone knows) a car bomb cell still exists in Lebanon, despite intense efforts to dismantle it. Striking in this comparitively well-guarded area may mean that some policeman or foreigner saw something they didn’t see before. If not, how did the car bomb get in there? Or was it constructed in that very neighborhood?

  • http://thebadvilbel.blogspot.com Bad Vilbel

    For once, you’re being more forceful than usual Mustapha. This is what I’ve been saying all along. Time and again, the targets are clear, yet people insist on being politically correct, and giving the old “Well, it could really be anybody” routine (include you, Mustapha).

    And of course, the usual band of propagandists comes out of the woodwork and posts comments about how this is all some part of a zionist conspiracy, and disginenously pretend to be “open to all possibilities”, but somehow keep denying the most obvious of all (you know who you are).

  • bilal eid

    today they killed my cousin and god knows who is next… they will try and will never stop trying ….. stopping the international Tribunal is impossible… my name is bilal eid and wissam is my cousin.. rip wissam… we will all miss u…

  • Jay

    I concur Mustapha, your posts as of late been too PC and just dancing around the fundamental issues: tribunal and HA arms..

    As for the ‘bearded idiots’ we don’t have to look far since we have our own Hassan and Qassam. I believe if the IT is ever to see life someday it would proof HA is fully implicated in these assassanations.

  • rola

    WISSAM i will allways remember the innocent time we shared cousin … i know you are in a better place now. looking down to see how sad we are without you , how proud we are of you, and how miserable our country has become…(DEIRAMAR)a little forgotten town was always proud of captain (KHUDR EID) and will allways be proud of captain (WISSAM EID) from all of us here the EID family in michigan (GOD BLESS LEBANON)

  • Dania

    May god bless and rest the souls of the 4 who got killed today and avenge their deaths! I dont understand what the hell M14 are waiting for to start acting instead of always reacting as they do! For each of us killed, we should kill 20 of theirs and by theirs I am syria and its allies in leb! There should be a clear and swift message. Waiting for the IT is proving to be a false sense of security, we need to act NOW!

  • Jay

    What’s utterly shameful is the lack of sympathy among ALL Lebanese after the loss of such promising and patriotic figures. Next thing we know is HA’s herds are serving sweets in their neighborhoods. No rational Lebanese (I know that’s asking a lot) can deny these fallen heroes are the real ‘resistance’ and martyrs.

  • Bilal Eid

    dania …. u r soooo right… we need to start acting….

  • whywesteppin

    My heart goes out to those killed today and to their families.

    As for your analysis, Mus, all you need to do is consider one thing: the fact (which most people ignore) that Eid was targeted 2 years ago, well before the events involving Fatah Al-Islam. For those of you who still doubt, realize that these assassinations are as much about intimidation as they are about covering tracks.

  • Ace

    Condolences to all the friends and family of those who gave their lives to Lebanon today. Those lives were stolen just as so many have been these past 3 years.

    The Elephant in the room that nobody wants to acknowledge is Hezbollah, and I don’t blame any of you for that. They are the one who first walked out of the Cabinet in December of 2005 when the rest of the Ministers voted in favor of asking for an International Tribunal the day after the murder of Gebran Tueni. They are also involved all the way to their necks in everything that has happened since then. When you factor their alliance with the most radical Palestinian factions from the camps, you are looking at a huge and dangerous force.

    M14 is between a rock and a very hard place. Stop the Tribunal and let Hezbollah have a VETO over Lebanese policy and politics, or face a complete Hezbollah attack and take over of Lebanon. I agree with Bronx-Man – if they can’t stop the Court they will take Lebanon or at least they will try. They just want to do it without starting a Sunni/Shia war – better to use the Christians, and Aoun and his orangettes are perfect for that.

    Time to start facing facts and quit avoiding the handwriting that is on the wall. They won’t stop, they can’t afford to stop.

  • http://beirutspring.com Mustapha

    Bilal & Rola.

    I’m very sorry for your loss. I hope it won’t be in vain. Be strong.

  • Bilal Eid

    mustapha thanx alot…. but how bad can it go… we have our loss and hisballa are serving sweets in the dahyee…

  • Lewis

    Ace, I wouldn’t worry about Nasrallah taking over Lebanon. Syria wouldn’t let its puppet take direct control, that’s not how Syria works. Nasrallah uses fear of civil war to manipulate Lebanon. Actual civil war is a trump card only Syria would play, through its puppet strings (not even Iran would play it).

    These continuing assassinations are tragic. Those who come up with ludicrous conspiracies that deny Syria’s involvement or Hizbollah’s complicity are pathetic. Those internal contradictions must take so much energy to sustain…

  • Ace

    Maybe so Lewis, but Iran upped the Hizbee budget from $400,000 to a Billion for this year. I don’t think they have ever made a secret of what they want in Lebanon. Perhaps they have decided the time is now. Perhaps it’s their only choice if the International Court or the investigations PROVE they were involved in these murders.

    One thing is for sure – they can’t back down, and when a wild animal is totally cornered – attack becomes about the only option.

    I don’t see any “outs” for them. M14 is not going to turn Lebanon over to Syria/Iran/Hezbollah/Aoun – take your choice.

  • Krach

    Ace, I think you forgot 000 to your first ammount. 400K for hezb doesnt buy sucettes for their kids.

    For all, shaked by anger, who feel like doing something crazy, like moving your lazy asses off you sofas and take the streets, burn tent city for example, or barrage the route to rabieh and siege a certain villa there, or for the laziest of you, just move the sofa to the street and freekin block it… I say “chill”!!! tomorrow is another day, and all your revolutionnary ideas will be cripled by the returning natural impotence of them lebanese.
    Turn on the TV again, watch the news, talk politics with your friends and family, blogg, and then wait for the next explosion, the next “MARTYR” of your laziness, feel angry again, then chill, turn again the TV until it FUCKIN EXPLODE IN YOUR STUPID FACES!!!!

  • Krach

    You wanna know who killed Wissam Eid?
    It’s YOU dumbasses!!!
    By your inaction, by trusting stupid leaders, coz you are so lazy to look for new ones, too lazy to BE new ones.
    Congratulations to the Lebanese people, you are getting exactly what you deserve!

  • Ace

    Yep …. the correct figure is 400 million, and some even say 600 million.

    It’s a problem, however you want to look at it – and those of us who sit at our computers can offer any advise we choose. We don’t have to take the consequences so we? It’s pretty easy for us ….. and, in the meantime – the explosions and the assassinations continue and the orangettes and openly Pro-Syrian(Hezbollah,Amal,SNNP) continue to offer their ultimatums. Like I said – it’s easier for most of us as we are not in the direct line of fire. Those who make the decisions are in the direct line of fire. It’s worthwhile to consider that every once in a while.

  • http://forabetterlebanon.blogspot.com/ marillionlb

    Finally the tone of discussion is getting more heated, maybe now is the time for all of us to stop hiding behind our little finger and actually admit that the root of all evil (and the cause of all the suffering we are being inflicted with) is primarily HIZBOLLAH .
    Stop pinning all your hopes on the International Tribunal, it will not solve the Lebanese problem (nor will it ever shade the light on Hizbullah’s involvement in any of the assassinations, for political reasons). I would like to point towards a text I re-published early this week entitled “remembering Hizbollah”. (http://forabetterlebanon.blogspot.com/).
    And yes the time is for action, to organize ourselves, and to claim (peacefully if we still can) back our presidency and institutions; if we remain passive (like we have done so far) we only get what we deserve.
    Enough with outdated slogans such as “wifak watani”, “watani” has been kidnapped by the mullahs and those turban wearing thugs. If we ever want to regain our country and bring it back to what it was; we have to start in-house with ousting the Hizb and ALL it’s followers.
    Call me a crazy despot, a 3amil, or anything else for that matter I do not care; I for one do not see any other solution.
    To all those who died protecting my country I am for ever grateful!

  • Ace

    Explain to me the difference between the Tribunal not putting any blame on Hizbullah for “political reasons” and the Lebanese “ousting” Hizbullah?

    The problem is the same for both … Hizbullah has the men, the money,the weapons, and the will to use them – it does not matter whether the Tribunal names them or the Government “ousts” them – they will fight back.

    Start with some arrests and make sure they stay in jail.

  • rola

    Then what???today, everyone i know and wissam knew and even people who have never seen him greived for his loss…then what??.we need to stop pointing fingers at each other,and stand for our own lebanon.
    Get up people do something…those of you who are there in lebanon we try our best out here, but its much more usefull back home fight for you home, your kids, your future and theirs. We are forced to be away because of whats going on. but even when we are away we are more united outside then back home…will you please.
    Wissams cousin michigan.

  • Mazen

    I agree with Nr 4 Ali, and to that idiot muss or whatever your name is (should be called moose really coz you both share the same IQ) open your mind mate, ur quick to point the fingers at Syria, remember ur girly hero sheikh saad brought all western intelligence agencies to Lebanon including the mossad, and why is it that after 14 or so murders no one has been arrested? If this puppet government had any selfrespect it would have resigned ages ago, rou7 sawi shi teni ma btefham bel politics nete3le ras 7mar w meshi

  • http://beirutesping.com wael Abbas

    it was a big shock to all of us Wassim eid is my first cousin and to top it off he died on my wedding day may our love be with him and may the doors of heaven await him inshallah….