Hezbollah's Tent City, Now On Google Earth

Google announced that it had new Hi-Res images for various countries including Lebanon (Hat tip Taq). It includes one place in particular that will not enjoy the limelights.

Remember those grumpy bouncers outside Hezbollah’s tent city who wouldn’t allow you to take pictures? They won’t be happy about this at all. The tent city will now be part of the Lebanese official Google Earth map many years into the future.

(You can see it online in Google Maps here, or in case you prefer using Google Earth, download this kml file and double click on it. It will immediately open Google Earth and take you there)

Alright, this last photo wasn’t from Google Earth but you get the picture.

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  • Lebanese

    Hehehe I like the last picture, does it show when the 3D option is enabled :D. Beautiful tents, full of ……..
    (Please fill in the blanks based on your political stand)

  • http://www.eliedh.com/ Eliedh

    Is that smoke from too much arguiles being used in the 3rd picture? :p

  • Sam

    Hezballah-stan, Shiaa-stan, Hassouna-stan, Iran-stan, Trash-stan, Mitaa-stan, Dirt-stan… Stan means state in Persian. This is the Heart of our beloved city Beirut, an Arabic capital, occupied by Persian Majous terrorists with FMP members misguided by Ayatollahs Aoun.
    This is the freakn’ Khameinei will and Fatwa when he said that Americans shall be defeated in Lebanon… how? By occupying Beirut and pushing Lebanese to migrate from their country especially Sunni, Druze and Christians and educated Shiaa… why? in order to kill diversity and impose his Wilayat El Faqih ideology on us. His petrodollar is doing the job in Dahié, Jnoub and Baalbak where they reproduce like rabbits and sheep in retruns for money and welfare.
    True sheep misguided by evil shepherd, like Joubran once said.

  • Jay

    What a waste of space.

  • http://jehasnail.blogspot.com/ Jeha

    Funny; the Serail looks kinda like Asterix’ village surrounded by Roman camps. Much like the Romans, Centurion Nasrallus and his troops are the ones who are cornered, with no way out…

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  • http://thebadvilbel.blogspot.com Bad Vilbel

    I’m just waiting for the usual conspiracy theorists telling us how Google is infiltrated by CIA/Zionist spies that are using these satellite images for the benefit of Israel…

  • http://theinnercircle.wordpress.com Jester

    ehem… let’s not divide the country in terms of sect… we all know the Hezbollah is Shiite… but the pictures you see above, are FPMers, which is Tayyar and are Christians… There are Christians And Muslims on the Ground… hopefully Not for long anymore, cause they’re starting ot get annoying.

    But just a correction, it is not Hezbollah there… it is Hezbollah AND Tayyar’s FPM.

    Ramadan Karim lads.

  • http://jehasnail.blogspot.com/ Jeha

    OK, clarification; “Nasrallus and his troops”, with support from “Aounus and his other asylum buddies”.

  • http://eatme.com jorgenson ford

    nice try. afte all that, you’re still mabtoor.

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