• ramzi M

    is this shown on lebanese tv???? (the first is an advert for lipton right?)

  • beirutspring


    the band is Lebanese but the clip shows on most Arabic satellite TVs.

  • ramzi M

    damn !

    I have not watched arabic staellite tv for ages then!

    I think it is very provacative

    also if the first add is for lipton then is this the best way to see sell tea in the ME !?!??! For an alcoholic drink fine, but tea !?!

  • kheireddine

    I wished the militias were so sexy during the 1975-1990 wars 😉

  • too-much-tv

    Well Mustapha, I guess the those ladies will sell more the “the general” in bikini… agree ?
    C’mon, what you would *not* make you puke when you turn the tv on ? Haifa or Jumblat on a nightgown ?


  • Craig

    I little over done, but those girls are pretty hot :)

  • http://lebanessa.blogspot.com/ Lalebanessa

    Oh puke, enough ba2a.
    Mustapha , this is the third post about semi naked Lebanese women, aren’t you getting a little over-obsessed with the subject?

  • beirutspring


    Obsession about semi-naked women with guns tells a lot about the Lebanese society, which is within the scope of this blog.

    Anyway, I think that was the last post in the series..

  • too-much-tv

    >>Anyway, I think that was the last post in the series..

    Wait… when al-Manar starts airing ninja-style abayas with guns, make another post! :)

  • A. Kara

    It reminds me of Destiny’s Child’s “Survivor” video. but with the lebanese women, you get ‘armed and dangerous’ as a bonus. Boring and Poorly made.

  • The Zionist

    Good – Its time Arabs start putting their women on public display rather than keeping them under burkas

    the downside – just as arab men lust after white women…non arab men will lust after arab women

    so much for globalisation…

  • beirutspring

    Zionist, everytime I try to estimate the level of your superficiality, you make a comment that breaks new records..

  • JAS

    According to some documented claims by militant groups it turns out that their lust for power in this life is supposedly fulfilled for the powerless Muslim martyred grunt with a promise of 72 virgins (would those be tribal female gorillas incessantly hooting or female guerillas shooting, depending on who casts the spell?) in an afterlife. 72 GI Janes kicking his ass could be unpleasant unless he is a sadist.

  • kheireddine

    Zionist doesn’t seem to have any idea about how liberated the Lebanese women are. Strange, I thought the Zionists knew everything about Arabs. By the way, the Burka is Afaghani, Persian and Caucasian but not Arab.

  • http://Anonymous Anonymous


    This clip made me ashamed of being Lebanese. Wayn baddi khabbi wijjy min el 3elam? It just proves that even in sex appeal, the Lebanese are still living somewhere in the middle ages.


  • hmmmm

    Very vulgar, and far from being anything of a sex-appeal.

    These ladies are selling music, so if they were any good, they would not have needed to go this far to sell.

    This is very pathetic and vulgar.

  • http://www.writingintospace.com/blogspot Lawrie

    I can’t help but wonder, maybe this is some sort of bizarre reaction to the fighting in the refugee camp? People were rooting for the army, feeling patriotic, etc., and some music executive thinks, “Hmmm…how can we make money off this trend? How about pretty ladies in scanty camoflague and guns?”

  • Anonymous

    sex arabe