12 thoughts on “Walid Eido, R.I.P

  1. Hedley says:

    Allah yir7amon.

  2. LebanesePatriot says:

    Israel and its Mossad wants to kill every single anti-Syrian politician in Lebanon!

    We, in March 14, do not see the big picture like the thugs of Syria in Lebanon. They see that very clear. And they started already defending Syria!

  3. kheireddine says:

    Berri & Nasrallah must be happy…one more majority MP eliminated…thank you Bashar!

  4. ibn kais says:

    Yet, another lump in my throat as my countrymen get assasinated in cold blood. I was working out at when I looked up at the TV screen at the gym and watched this morning. Can anyone tell mw why we as Lebanese have not come together to start a war of liberation? send Bashar and his thugs a few bombs please. When are we going to say enough is enough. HELP ME HERE MUSTAPHA, I AM GETTING REALLY OUTRAGED AT SYRIA RIGHT NOW FOR THE 1000th time !!!

  5. tommy says:

    As an American, I’m wondering if someone could please provide me with some information on where things stand now. Is Syria still attempting to realign the government? How many more anti-Syrian officials have to be killed before Assad gets his way? Does the opposition have any political options at this point?

  6. Renée says:

    Tommy, I’m wondering about some of these things as well. In Iraq, when Sadr’s people quit the government Maliki just replaced them. Is there some way, according to Lebanon’s constitution, to go to an “emergency” type of government or some other way for M14 to just appoint new ministers without going through Lahoud, Berri and etc?

  7. TruePatriot says:

    Renee and Tommy,

    Syria needs to only eliminate 4 MPs from the ranks of March 14 (the majority) so that they will no longer be a majority (if you can’t beat them in elections, the Syrians would go with bomb them to submission).

    Yeah, they can impeach the speaker of parliament and do things the “Iraqi way”, but I have to say Lebanon is no Iraq and if you do that, you will have Sunni-Shiia strife in record time, more bloody than Iraq more ferocious than Iraq simply because it’s on the Syrian muderers backdoors.

  8. [...] Beirut Spring Yet another Anti-Syrian MP was savagely killed…Ohh, but the “Alqaeda” did warn this morning that they wanted to kill Lebanese politicians didn’t they? I guess the thugs in Syria have nothing to do with it then, what were we thinking?.. [...]

  9. Pazuzu says:

    it’s about time you add another picture to the list of martyrs.

  10. beirutspring says:


    I already did yesterday, but you have to refresh your page (if you’re using firefox, hit ctrl+shift+R (pc) or cmd+shift+R (Mac)

  11. leo says:

    Ibn Kais,

    You will not harm Assad. Rest are just gun fodder to him.

    All you will succeed doing you will kill UN tribunal and will invite Syria into Lebanon in full force.

    Assad is already drooling at this prospect.

  12. Fouad says:

    What they want more from lebanon ?
    are they happy good but leave us live ?

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