Bomb In ABC

A Bomb that exploded in the parking lot of the ABC mall in Ashrafieh (pictured) resulted in the killing of 1 woman and the injury of 9. Let’s hope people remain calm and pray for the victims.

So much for that annoying guy with the machine that “detects” bomb at the entrance.

PS: don’t forget to read Tony and Ak‘s takes on today’s events

Something else: not everyone is gloomy. Some people are in the mood for joking: Michel Aoun thinks now is the time for the government to quit. The disasters will just take care of themselves, it seems.

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  • Joumana

    It seems it was in a parking *near* ABC, not in ABC itself – otherwise only the mall would have suffered damage (I’m not sure it’s even open at midnigt on sunday? i could be wrong).
    I’m absolutely furious.
    I hope your family’s ok.

  • zara

    thank you for all your updates. i hope you can keep them coming although i hope there will be no reason for them. this is such a dire situation. i want to be optimistic but lebanon and the lebanese have been let down so many times in the past that it’s hard not to expect the worst. my naive analysis of this is perhaps it will unite the lebanese to demand the disarming of palestinian camps.

  • Hedley

    It is not just Palestinian camps that should be disarmed. The use of violence should be monopolised by the government like any other stable country in the world.

    And, we should install CCTVs on every corner of the country regardless of how Hizbollah feels about it.

  • KB

    Another work of the Syrian agents in Lebanon. Can someone just bomb the Syrian presedential palace please? Enough already with their cowardly acts.

  • k

    Joumana, parts of the ABC were open when it happened…around 11:30 pm. Many employees were just leaving and I believe the new starbucks there was one of the things still open. One eyewitness on LBC said she had just left her work @ ABC, opened the door to her home in Ach and the explosion rocked her house.
    It’s terrible…

  • q

    Actually, the bomb wasn’t inside ABC, most probably precisely because of “that annoying guy” with the bomb-detector… perhaps you should show a little more appreciation for the few people who are doing what they can to keep us safe.

  • d

    The bomb was definitely not inside abc
    ive been told that ABC has fixed all the damages, if you’re inside ABC you wouldnt notice anything has happened!

    By the way, all coffee shops, restaurants and the movie theaters are open till around 1 am.

    I sure hope thats the very last bomb in Lebanon… Hopefully!

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