Hezbollah's Billboard

Provoking Israel or sending them a message?

The billboard above was erected by Hezbollah to remind Israel of their prisoners. Many are saying that the billboards are meant to provoke the Israelis.
But since the swap talks are at an “advanced stage”, could it be that the billboard is simply a Hezbollah negotiation concession? A convoluted way of Hezbollah telling the Israelis that the prisoners are still alive?

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  • http://www.yozef.com Joseph

    Great Idea…

    Come on, wherever you find yourself on the political spectrum, You must admit this idea is funny as well as witty!

    Don’t use emotions to claim your case. We fought a war for the four captured ‘Lebanese’ (from all sects) in Israel in exchange for the two Israeli IDF soldiers held by Hezbollah for trade.

    This idea is smart! Chapeau!

  • JSB

    The sign can’t be interpreted as a negotiating concession. The sign doesn’t prove that the Goldwasser and Regev are alive. Those photographs are old ones, taken before the capture.

  • Teaser

    Its lame , purposeless , empty and meant to create a few headlines here and there, just plain simple nazi style propaganda …. bil amercaneh its BS.

  • leo

    JSB (#2),

    Israelis also are saying that those photographs were shown on Israeli TV by family during the war.

    The fact that HA uses those photos most likely means HA cannot create new ones otherwise they would. Do the math.

  • http://radicalmuslim.blogsome.com/ jamal

    If Israel would just give back the land we would not even be having this discussion.

  • leo

    jamal (#5),

    What land are you referring to?

    Is it Shebaa Farms?

    Do you mean to say HA is fighting Israel and making Lebanese die for Syrian interests?

  • Jay

    I agree that there’s no way this is a negotiation concession, nor is it a serious provocation. If HA wanted to provoke, it could put up Nasrallah’s ugly mug or remind Israeli about 20,000 rockets or threaten Tel Aviv. Displaying pictures of the captives with that text on the other hand sends the message: “We’re not crazy terrorists, we just want our own boys back just as much as you want these two.”

  • Morgan

    To #6 , you said : ” What land are you referring to?Is it Shebaa Farms?Do you mean to say HA is fighting Israel and making Lebanese die for Syrian interests? ”

    Since when Shebba farms are part of Syria ? you must be an Israeli that have bought into that Ziocrap Israel is pedling .

  • leo

    Actually, I am into that UNcrap UN (and Syria, and rest of the World) is peddling.

  • Akiva M


    “Your boys” being a man who murdered a six year old girl by bashing her head against a rock using the butt of his rifle.

    Yep, reminding the Israelis of that is *exactly* the way to send the message “we’re not crazy terrorists”

  • Not an Arab

    Yeah it’s funny, especially for the wife, the parents, and the brothers of those soldiers. Funny as Hell.